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Sam Bennett

Certified Addiction Counselor

For individuals struggling with substance abuse - Are you struggling with alcohol and/or drug use? Is your drinking or substance use, whether it be infrequent or it's getting out of control, causing issues in your life? Family tension, strained relationships, trouble at work, spiritual disconnection? Don't lose hope! You CAN overcome it. Please don't hesitate to give me a call today.


My primary goal is not to tell you to stop drinking or using. I want to go much deeper than that. I believe that, as humans, we all want to have joy, peace, contentedness, and love in our lives. Maybe we’ve been conditioned to believe we can only find that in a substance, but it’s turning out that’s not working for us anymore. What now? 


What we can do together:

  • Slowly unveil together what is behind the excessive using (shame, trauma, grief, etc).

  • Provide education on addiction and explore how it is vicious thief instead of lasting relief.

  • Discuss different coping strategies that work for you.

  • Undergo a clinical assessment to see what level of care is most appropriate for your needs. 

  • Continuing care (after care) once you complete a treatment program to monitor how recovery is going for you. 


For family members struggling with an addicted loved one - Do you have a family member struggling with substance abuse and they’re not planning on stopping, even though it’s destroying the relationship? Please don't hesitate to give me a call. I want to walk alongside you, provide education about addiction and recovery, provide additional, positive resources for you, and set you up in a way where you can set healthy boundaries for yourself to take care of you. Addiction is a family disease! 


What we can do together: 

  • Provide education on addiction / recovery, what that means for both you and your loved one.

  • Discuss different coping strategies that work for you when your loved one is asking for help in the window of addiction vs recovery.

  • Discuss what boundaries really are and how vital they are for you and your relationships. 

Sam has personal and professional experience with addiction and recovery. He has come from a background in long-term, intensive residential treatment in the Atlanta area. Sam has years of experience working with many individuals struggling with substance abuse and the families who suffer from the disease as well. He has received training, education and supervision through Georgia Addiction Counselors Association (GACA).

When he is not working with clients, Sam facilitates a men's group that discusses spiritual principles and invites those who are seeking community. He also enjoys playing competitive sand volleyball and travels the country for surfing. 

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