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Emily Dressner: TeamMember

Emily Dressner

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Experiences change us.

Some experiences wound us, while others help us heal. With authenticity, empathy, and challenge, I join with clients to make therapy a space where healing experiences can take place. In therapy we will work together to identify dysfunctional patterns of relating and create new, healthier ones that are congruent with the person you want to be.

Most couples who enter my office are working through affair recovery, difficulty in conflict resolution and communication struggles, and intimacy concerns. My work with individuals focuses on trauma and abuse recovery, codependency, spouses of sex addicts, family conflict, grief, and sexual/relational concerns.

I am a trauma-informed clinician who approaches client issues systemically and experientially. This means I seek to understand and treat the effects traumatic experiences on client functioning while also understanding clients within the context of their larger family system. I am also trained in EMDR.

I believe deeply in my client’s capacity to grow and heal. It is an honor to watch God’s redemptive work unfold in the midst of broken stories.

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