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Our Services

Individual Therapy

In individual counseling, we create a space for clients to experience a restorative relationship where they can explore their fears, disappointments, and dreams while discovering new skills and insights that facilitate change.           


Our therapists provide a safe, caring place to help individuals address their concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, and a variety of other issues. Utilizing research-based techniques, wisdom, and experience, our counselors support individuals in reaching their goals. Working together, our therapists help clients move towards finding hope, healing, and purpose.

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Couples Therapy

There are many reasons couples may seek counseling, such as facing a crisis, longing for a deeper connection, feeling stuck, or wanting help resolving conflict. Whether in crisis mode or wanting to enrich the relationship, our therapists provide a place for dating, engaged and married couples to address their concerns.

Using research-based interventions, counselors help couples overcome hurtles, discover more effective communication skills, and explore practices that deepen intimacy. Over the course of therapy counselors help couples strengthen their bond, rediscover joy, and develop more fulfilling relationships. 

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Family Counseling

Families are the molding place of our character and assist in our connectedness to society. They are also the container for some of our most joyful and disappointing interactions in life. Some of us relish closeness with our family and some people prefer a good bit of distance. Often family requires the help of a guide or coach to move you through a problem with open discussion and into a place of hearing and understanding.

Our therapists help families improve communication, mend damaged relationships, deal with life transitions and work through struggles. We work with all individuals who count themselves as family and who want to grow, learn and accept viewpoints possibly different than their own.

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Play Therapy

When children are placed in safe environments and given the chance to use their natural language of play, they are able to process and work through challenges in their daily lives. Children who are given the opportunity to work through their challenges when they are young are less likely to experience mental health issues into their adulthood, equipping them to lead healthy and functional lives. It is our joy to see kids process the world around them and learn to see the world in more helpful ways.

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Group Therapy

We believe there is a unique relationship created when a group of individuals experiencing similar life circumstances come together to share their journeys. Group Therapy offers individuals opportunities to give and receive help from one another. At LifeGate, we hope to create an environment in which clients can develop their abilities to listen and connect. Our hope is that our groups are able to give clients a sense of belonging and support in their present season of life.


Support Group Meeting
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